How To Make Your Relationship Even Better

how to make your relationship even better

Some people think that “LOVE” is the key element to maintaining a happy and joyful long-term relationship, even in tough times. While this may be true to some extent, but it requires more work to make it even better.

There are many aspects to consider in achieving a satisfying relationship and make a “Good Relationship” even better.

Treat Your Partner With Care

Doing things and noticing the needs and wants of your partner are crucial. To love is to care and to care is to share. At the heart of love itself is to give yourself to another. Giving is the core for the language of love.

For some people, the tangible symbol of love is something tangible or visible. However, the financial value of the gift is of no consequences; It does not matter. What matters is that you thought of your partner’s needs and your applied effort. This will make your partner feels special, attractive and desired.

Give Each Other Some Personal Space

Some people believe in being with their partner all the time, is being close and intimate. However, everyone needs some space.

Absent makes the heart grows fonder makes the couple realize how much they miss or love each other

You have to respect each others opinion and maintain a balance.

Spending Quality Time Together

You need to spend quality time together to build a close relationship. Quality time means you shut out the world and all the distractions, all the devices, TV, social media, phone, etc. and spend time exclusively with each other.

Next, while it is important to have shared interests, it is also important to compromise and participate in activities that may not appeal to you at times.

Being supportive of one’s partner demonstrates care and love as part of an important part of successful co-existence.

Express Respect To Each Other.

It can be easy to take each other for granted. Remembering to express gratitude regularly, this can improve the relationship and make each other f feel valued and special.

It is also important to reciprocate sometimes, going out of the way to do some chores that are not your role can indeed make the relationship even better.

Catch your partner doing something you appreciate, then express how much you appreciate their effort.  Every one of us likes to be appreciated. Being appreciated is a great way to draw closeness.

Humour Add To The Relationship

Learn to laugh with each other and not at each other. Laughter is one of the most attractive qualities. Being with someone who makes us laugh is a valuable bonus in a relationship.

In the case of tension or stresses, it will soften it and keeps a relationship alive and keep the flame going.

It’s not about Communication, its how you communicate

Being honest with each other is the best policy. However, you need to be sensitive towards your partner’s feelings and communicate at the right timing and right tone.

If your partner is tired and preoccupied, you cannot expect your partner to listen and understand you. Also, if you communicate in a way that sounds like you are blaming, your partner will close up, and tension may even build.

A couple of examples are;

  1. 1. You may ask your partner to fill in the blanks for the following statement:

“I feel closest to you when…………..” This is another working list to help keep the relationship going.

  1. “You do not spend time with me anymore” will come across as an attack or blame. Instead;

“I miss the time we spent together” – this will make your partner reflects, and he or she will make constructive steps thus making your relationship even better.

Replicate The Things That Works

What were the things you did that brought the biggest smile and touch the heart of your partner’s the most?

Then, do these things again and as much as possible

Create Special Days

Find out from your partner “What would a perfect day look like for you?” And then go about to create together that perfect day as much as you can.

To make a strong & lasting relationship, it does not just happen – they require effort and time to put them together and to live it out.



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