5 Keys Towards Improving Emotional Closeness

emotional closeness

You have been together with for a good number of years. However, the relationship becomes mundane and perhaps may have even drifted because our needs changes.  If you want to reignite the flame, you would have to rekindle the emotional closeness.

One of the most critical aspects of an emotional bond is the ability to communicate correctly. It can be simple and yet can be complex. Your communication with your partner has to be one of honesty, respect, and transparency.

These are the five keys towards improving emotional closeness

  1. No One Can Mind Read

If you want to create emotional closeness, two main ingredients are needed: Talk openly and honestly. We cannot mind read another person or expect others to mind read us. Therefore, speak your truth.

It is healthy to manage expectation from the beginning with the need to be open and truthful. Make this a motto in your relationship. Silence is a killer and builds walls when you find something is not right to talk about it logically. Deep understanding through open communications moves the relationship closer.

  1. Respect Is Key

If there is no respect, there is no close relationship between two people. It starts with you; you can show your partner how much you respect them by appreciating him or her. Especially, when they have done something good for you.

Once your partner feels the respect, they will confide in you comfortably and thus move this to deeper emotional closeness.

  1. Accepting Your Partner’s Package

True closeness starts with total acceptance and understanding of your partner. If you are finding faults or comparing your partner with someone else more ideal, then you will never be satisfied.

Instead, help each other to grow rather than try to change them as this will lead to arguments. Once your partner knows that you can accept their package and grow mutually, there will be a deeper emotional connection.

  1. Avoid Arguments

It may be unavoidable to have some differences between two people. However, arguments are unhealthy, and there are no benefits. Ask yourself, do you need to be right all the time. In a relationship, it is important to agree to disagree. Put your energy to focus on your partner’s positive qualities and enjoy the company and intimacy. At all times learn to communicate issues in a calm, composed and respectful way. Emotional closeness makes communicating easier.

  1. Be Expressive

Are you showing your partner love the way you want to be loved or the way he or she wants to be loved? Take time to observe your spouse, what does your partner desire most in a relationship? Give your partner what he or she wants most and make those things a priority in your daily life. It may take some work than just doing what comes naturally to you, but is worth the effort.

 Building a good relationship and close emotional bond requires you to listen to your inner thoughts, pay attention to your six senses. You also need to nurture them by listening to your heart and communicating your feelings at the right time and the right place.



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