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Love Reignited by Nancy Ho is a relationship handbook which addresses the lead causes of conflicts in most relationships and marriages. The bedrocks of every successful relationship are “Trust & Understanding”, when these qualities are missing, it usually signals the beginning of the end in any relationship or marriage as the case maybe. Drawing inspiration from her own relationship, and utilizing the lessons learnt from  personal experience, the author takes us through a well detailed journey, adopting a step by step  approach, and highlighting on  the primary causes  of  relationship conflicts & struggles.

Love Reignited is a must read for every couple, having this book in your library collection teaches you not only about conflict resolution in your relationship/marriage through her proven “5 Steps Method”, but also sets you on the path to restore the romantic flames which once illuminated your love life, and also helping you to avoid possible pitfalls and situations which can develop to full blown relationship struggles.

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Absolutely different, Nancy you gave me hope to live out my dreams. I had been very unhappy in my relationship for 7 years. I followed your program, and it worked! I am now happy, joyful, and feeling bliss each and every day with my partner.
Christopher L.
Christopher L.
Social Media Manager
A terrific program, I am so glad I bought it! Your easy-to-understand steps helped me to focus on what is truly important and brought me back to my values. It is very enlightening. Bravo, Nancy.
James E.
James E.
SEO Expert
I love your easy-to-follow solutions. It has not only saved my marriage but also personally helped me to shift my paradigm in my life, contributing to my overall growth. Excellent life lessons. This has given me great answers in search of meaning in my life.
Patricia L.
Patricia L.
Marketing Manager

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A word from the author

The most important ingredient in a relationship between two people who are committed to each other is understanding. Understanding is the ultimate antidote that serves to bring ease to all couples’ conflict and open the door so they are reminded of the authentic love they have for each other.

When there is understanding, it becomes easier for authentic love in a relationship to flow freely once again. Their love has a fertile ground to flourish and therefore paying attention to each other is not such a chore; it becomes easier and that ultimately leads to togetherness and intimacy. This book has a goal, and that goal is to rekindle the fire lost in relationships and the inability of partners to keep sailing in their “relationship boats.” So, your relationship boat is stuck somewhere–we want to free it and fix it!


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